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Friday , January 21 2022

Al-Qabas news website witnessing ‘DDOS Attacks’ from unknown sources

KUWAIT CITY, July 6: For the past couple of days, Al-Qabas news website has been subjected to intense hacking attempts from external servers that are broadcasting from several countries with the aim of systematically weakening its work system, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The hacking attempts started at 11:43 pm via unknown sources bearing the name “DDOS ATTACKS”. More than two million attacks occur simultaneously within a quarter of an hour.

The Technical Officer of the “Al-Qabas Online” Faisal Karkouh affirmed that the penetration attempts are continuing, rising to more than eight million attacks as of Sunday morning. He said, “Such operations aim to weaken the servers, and access and paralyze the website by flooding it with a stream of unnecessary data sent by infected devices with programs, which in this case is called DDOS Attacks, that work to spread these attacks, so that pirates and electronic manipulators control them and attack the network extensively, thereby resulting in slow services.”

Karkouh stressed that the hacking attempts are systematic, given that they choose the time of intensity of followers of “electronic payment”, indicating that the security system and the firewall of the website are doing their jobs well to address the repeated attempts and to ensure its work without any slowness or delay.

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