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Al-Mutawah ‘claims’ FAST Professional Category title – Isidro outshoots Al-Shatti to secure Standard Category crown

FAST family pose for a group photo after the fun shooting tournament.
FAST family pose for a group photo after the fun shooting tournament.

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: Filipino Action Shooting Team once again showed their marksmanship skills and camaraderie.

Isidro secured the first place in Standard Category with a very slim margin of HF 0.01 against his rival Al-Shatti, while Al-Mutawah almost lost the crown to Al-Ansari in the Professional Category.

Both divisions had tight scores between the winner and the second place and it illustrates how tough the competition can be and how seasoned the gunslingers are.

Standard Category

Cesar Isidro showcased his speed as he got the fastest time in the Standard Category of 29.51 seconds. This was the main reason he won the title. Even he had missed to hit a target, he won by 0.01 ahead of the second placer. His hit factor is 2.2704, 11 Alphas, a Bravo, 6 Charlies and a Delta.

Just a shadow away in second place, ‘El Capitan’ Mohammed Al-Shatti had hit factor of 2.2640 points. Although Al-Shatti took the course at 38.87 seconds, he had the accuracy to stamp the second place, hitting 15 Alphas, 4 Charlies and a Delta. He tried to take the course on a second attempt, pushed himself to be faster at 32.18 seconds but traded off accuracy with a miss, HF of 1.9577.

Rasheed Al-Tualam, a new shooter, managed to be at the ‘tough 3’ and beat other regular shooters. He exhibited a good quality of a shooter, hitting 18 Alphas and 2 charlies, at 43.02 seconds, having HF of 2.2315.

Shooters that were not able to be on the ‘Tough 3’ were Muath Al-Assaf a regular FAST shooter and consistent sharp shooter. He got the most Alphas of 19 HF of 2.1909; Ahmed Al-Kandari had HF of 2.1077, Eissa Oqab had HF of 1.9279 and Meshal Al-Khafaji with HF of 1.8346.

Professional Category

In the Professional Category, Waleed Al-Mutawah took the title but the competition with the second placer Al-Ansari was tense the difference being just HF 0.02 only.

Waleed had tackled the course not with his usual speed, took his time at 25.15 seconds to finish it. Taken time means hitting the target with accuracy, hence with 16 Alphas and 4 Charlies, with HF of 3.6581.

In second place, Omar Al-Ansari had the fastest time of all shooters at 24.25 seconds with very good hits of 14 Alphas, 2 Bravos and 4 Charlies, HF of 3.6289.

Mohammed Al-Sadoon was placed third because of his improving speed. He finished the scenario at 29.71 seconds, 16 Alphas and 4 Charlies, HF of 3.0966.

Humoud Al-Sabah was in fourth place, still having the nerve to be very precise hitting 16 Alphas and 4 Chalies at 30.16 seconds. HF is 3.0504. Al-Sabah has missed several recent fun-shoots due to his busy schedules.

 In fifth place was Tamer Al-Mutariat, who is greatly improving his speed and accuracy. He hit 13 Alphas, 5 Charlies and 2 Deltas at 27.36 with HF of 2.9971.

President Ronil Garcia had a hiccup when he dropped a live round while clearing the malfunction of failure to eject (empty shell). That round cost him to have a miss. He finished the course at 25.59 seconds, with 12 Alphas and 7 Charlies, HF of 2.7745.

Daniel Marjanovic had a perfect run of 13 Alphas, 5 Charlies and 2 Deltas, at 31.42 seconds. His HF was 2.6098.

Wilfredo ‘Willie’ Santos a FAST veteran gunslinger who was away for quite some time, due to his busy work schedule earned 3 misses which resulted in his HF of 1.0459 at 39.20 seconds.

Majid Al-Mulla, a new member to the professional category, shot 4 Alphas, 2 Bravos, 6 Charlies and earned 7 misses.

At the start of the fun-shoot, Garcia told all the competitors that safety is the priority of both range and the organization and briefed them with the scenario.

The scenario is designed where 2 rooms are both on the left and right most of the range. Shooter starts on condition 2, gun is loaded but with empty chamber. In the middle of the left and right rooms, there is an alley about 12 meters long. Shooter will start in the middle of this alley. Upon the start signal, he can shoot 2 to 4 targets, 5 to 7 meters away and move up range in order to get an access to the entry points for the rooms.

If the player chooses to go inside the room, he can shoot 3 targets at a shorter distance about 5 meters. And if he wants to save time, he can engage the target from the door but target will be about 12 meters. Moving into the exteriors of the rooms towards each corners the remaining targets will be engaged at 5 meters and 15 meters from the shooter.

An aggregate scoring method is used to calculate the final score for each competitor with a bullet in Alpha earning 5 points, while in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 points and Delta 1 point.

The time taken to complete the shoot plays a major part in the standing as the total score is divided by the time taken over the course to get the result. Although the course seems to look easy as several shooters came home with a perfect shoot, some shooters find themselves with a lot of penalties due to missed shot or procedural error that resulted in a deduction of 10 points for each infringement.

The shooter can also be disqualified if he violates the gun safety handling rules. The shooter can elect to do another run or more but as a rule, only the first attempt of the competition will be considered final.

The Shooters were challenged on how to tackle the course, by either going inside the rooms for closer shots to the target or engaging the targets from the doors of the rooms, saving a lot of time but targets are a bit far.

Meanwhile, FAST officials have announced that all newcomers and members wishing to participate in the weekly shoots must come to the range ahead of time for a “dry run” over the course.

The aim of this dry run is to ensure the safety of newcomers as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the competition.

On the other hand, FAST officials invite everyone Tuesday evenings to the weekly fun-shoot competitions at 1800 hours.

The tournament was organized by the Filipino Action Shooting Team (FAST) officers and members under the guidance of Range Officer Wilbert Zingapan to ensure the

The ‘2 Rooms’ scenario is a creation of Garcia with a lot of help from the members of the club who all came in early to set-up scenario.

For details, on all FAST activities, contact Garcia on 66368018 and Vice-President Cesar Isidro on 99530301 or look us up on Facebook “FAST — Kuwait”.

By Ronchie dela Cruz

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