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Al-Musallam wins Third Barrier Jumping Contest – Al-Othman takes 2nd place

Photo from the event.
Photo from the event.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11:  Knight Abrar Al-Musallam with the horse Falaskio from Kuwait Equestrian Center won the Third Barrier Jumping Contest (115-125 cm) free of flaws, and Knight Latifa Al-Othman took second place.

With four mistakes registered in his name, Knight Ahmad Al-Modhahaka came third in the same category, and Knight Abdullah Al-Rawdhan booked the fourth place followed by Knight Ali Al-Khorafi in the fifth position.

On the advanced level of 130-140cm, Knight Ali Al-Khorafi came first after completing the tour within 38-42 seconds and without making any mistake. He also won second place with another horse, and Knight Abdulrahman Al-Fezaa claimed the third prize while Knight Abdulaziz Al-Ajeil came fourth.

In the 100-110cm contest, Knight Monica took the first position without flaws, and Knight Rakan Al-Hasawi came second, followed by Knight Abdulrahman Al-Fezaa, Abdulrahman Al-Ajeil, and Knight Fawaz Al-Subai’e in fifth position.

For beginners, Knight Ghanima Al-Othman claimed the first prize while Knight Manna Al-Ajmi came second, followed by Knight Abdullah Al-Qattan, then Knight Mohammed Al-Marzouq, and Khalifa Al-Khorafi in the fifth place.

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