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Friday , February 28 2020

Al-Musallam to present new theatrical show

‘Kompars’ to be staged at Dasma Theater

Khaled Al-Mudhafar and Abdulaziz Al-Zafar (left).

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: Artiste Khaled Al-Mudhafar told Al-Rai daily that “Kompars” play will be staged at the Dasma Theater during the coming days. The play is directed by Abdulaziz Zafar, co-starring Sheila Sabt, Khaled Al-Ajeer, Abdullah Bahman, Iman Faisal, Iman Al-Hussaini and Abdullah Al-Hammadi. Al-Mudhafar added, “(Kompars) is a family comedy that suits all groups and ages through which the artistes to provide an integrated work that carries value, fun and message.”

Al-Mudhafar indicated that his cooperation with director Abdulaziz Zafar for the second time comes after the great success they achieved together in the play “Wanted”, which was shown on more than one occasion during the past year, and with a distinguished group of artistes.

He said: “After my participation with the director Abdulaziz Zafar, and after we confirmed that the public is receptive to the change that we presented together in the play (Wanted), and the success that accompanied the performances, we wanted to present another theater in (Kompars), a theater that adheres to its roots, and does not forget the credit for its first pioneers, a theater that does not transcend its audience, but respects it, does not separate from reality, does not trivialize it, does not forget its issues, does not compel the recipient to adopt it, and that we offer a theater that gives pleasure, adopts the concerns of the country, calls for optimism, and also adopts noble human causes.

Meanwhile, the artist Abdulaziz Al-Musallam is preparing to present a new theatrical show that depends on the development of theater sciences in Kuwait and the Arab world. He said, “My door is open to the children of the new generation of dramatists”, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Talking to Al-Seyassah Musallam pointed out that he is working to compose his works himself or through a workshop because of his experience and openness to state institutions, calling on those who want to work and follow theatrical schools must be a good reader of the Holy Qur’an, so that he becomes aware of the words God the Exalted, the Exalted, the Morals, and the Message of Man on Earth and knows the types of evil surrounding everyone, expressing his happiness for honoring him at the Kuwait Theater Festival

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