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Friday , February 28 2020

Al-Majdali criticises the current procedures in awarding contracts – ‘Nat’l manpower on govt contracts does not exceed 3pc’

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: Director General of the Government Manpower and Restructuring Program Fawzi Al-Mijdali has criticized the current bureaucratic procedures in government contracts and the companies that win such contracts for not being transparent and violating the national quota, which the restructuring program strives to achieve.

In a statement, Al-Mijdali indicated the quota of national manpower on government contracts does not exceed three percent, and the majority of them are into agricultural activities, fisheries and irrigation, besides ghost employees, whereas the Asian manpower constitute 67 percent of employees registered under government contracts.

Al-Mijdali stressed on the significance of the restructuring program reviewing the employment of national manpower under the government contracts based on 2015 data report issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

According to the PACI report for 2015, the manpower registered on the government contracts signed with private sector was 361,298 by the end of 2015, among them 255,819 individuals constituting 71 percent were registered in agricultural services, whereas 90,920 individuals, constituting 25 percent were in construction, and about 64,348 individuals (17.8 percent) were in supplementary and social services field.

Manpower from South East Asia represented 67 percent of the total number of employees on the government contracts, followed by manpower from the Arab countries (22 percent), East Asia (5.3 percent), Kuwait (3.3 percent), North America (1.2 percent), Africa (0.5 percent), Western Europe (0.3 percent), West Asia (0.2 percent), Eastern Europe (0.1 percent) and countries like Austria, New Zealand, nations of the former Soviet Union and Latin America constituted below 0.1 percent.

By Heba Al-Taweel Al-Seyassah Staff

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