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Al-Kandari, Garcia capture FAST ‘Victory’ scenario – Ahmad and Al-Ansari close gap for second place

FAST participants pose for a group photo during the funshoot event.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 4: FAST-Kuwait gathered for the opening of their FAST LEAGUE 2017, and had a great scenario to open up as FAST Pres. Ronil Garcia began the competition with a win on his own ‘V’ Scenario for the Professional Category and Hamad Al Kandari showed that he too can top the bill with his speed and accuracy combined together.

‘V’ scenario was created and designed by Garcia who is fresh from vacation, had a lot of help from the FAST Kuwait Team members and FAST Sec. Archie Cajucom and Range Officer Wilbert Zingapanto who observed the safety positions of the targets and ensured the safety of everyone during the competition.

The scenario was laid out with a barricade that was laid out in a letter V pattern, hence ‘Victory’. The targets were placed in the center at a distance of 15 meters, 3 targets further left wherein one could engage them at a distance of 7 meters or close-in at 3 meters and one in the middle left at 1.5 meters, the right side is just a mirror image and to make it a little more challenging, the targets were covered with no-shoots.

At the start of the course, the shooter stands 10 meters in the center of the V charge lines, condition 2 but magazine and gun in placed on top of the drum where the shooter has to run through it to get the gun and magazine and from then onward, the shooter can elect to go to his left or right side.

At the start of the fun-shoot, Garcia told all the competitors that safety was the priority of both the range and the organization and briefed them with a scenario after which, they gave each competitor a 5-minutes walk through the course of fire.

An aggregate scoring method was used to calculate the final score for each competitor with a bullet in Alpha earning 5 points, while in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 points and Delta 1 point.

The time taken to complete the shoot played a major part in the standing as the total score is divided by the time taken over the course to get the result.

The shooter could also be penalized and 10 points deducted from the total score in case of procedural errors and hitting no-shoot targets, and could also be disqualified if they violated any gun safety handling rules.

If there was a malfunction of any of the range equipment during the competition, the shooter was given or allowed a re-shoot, although today’s competition was one of their annual shooting events, re-shoots were not accommodated this time and all competitors were allowed to shoot 1 time.

Standard Category

Hamad Al-Kandari finally tuck one win under his wings as he took on the course with a steady aim combined with his speed as he clocked in 23.40 seconds and recorded to be the fastest time in the same category.

Although he was given a penalty for hitting a no-shoot cover, this did not stop him from winning as he took 16 Alpha and 4 Charlie for 3.5043 hit factors.

Adbelrahman Hamad battled neck-and-neck with Al Kandari when he took on the course, and even if he had a perfect shoot performance for collecting 15 Alpha and 5 Charlie, his speed was not enough as he finished the course in 29.16 seconds and 3.0864 hit factors that gave him 2nd spot.

On his 2nd attempt, he applied more speed as he finished 28.55 seconds with 9 Alpha, 10 Charlie, 1 Mike with 1 no-shoot and 2 procedural errors as he stepped out of the charge-line while engaging a target gave him 1.2259 hit factors.

Completing the ‘Tough 3’ line-up was Dave Rotap who had a good run and almost a perfect ace as he took the time to really get into the game and finished the course under 37.06 seconds. He collected 19 Alpha and 1 Bravo that gave him 2.6444 hit factors.

Muath Al Assaf gathered his composure tonight and from failing to have a place in the Magnificent 7, this time he took 4th place with his 14 Alpha, 5 Charlie and 1 Delta under 32.75 seconds that gave him 2.6260 hit factors.

Cajucom fell into 5th place and completed the ‘Magic 5’ line-up. He had problems in hitting the center targets at 15 meters. Nevertheless, he finished the course in 26.87 seconds and collected 13 Alpha, 4 Charlie, 2 Delta and 1 Mike for 2.5679 hit factors.

6th place is Wesley Henry, although it is his 2nd time to join the group, he showed them finest as he had a perfect shoot performance for 19 Alpha and 1 Charlie who tied the points with Rotap but finishing the course under 39.80 seconds which drags his overall performance and gave him 2.4623 hit factors.

On his 2nd attempt, he had finished 41.30 seconds with 12 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta, 2 Mikes and 1 no shoot for 1.1138 hit factors.

Completing the ‘Magnificent 7’ line-up where men are separated from the boys is Majid Al Mullah. He finished the course in 27.69 seconds and collected 14 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 5 Charlie but with 2 no shoot penalty, which has drag his points down and gave him 2.4558 hit factors.

His 2nd attempt was way better and improved on his time and targets and even with 2 procedural as he step out of the charge line, he still managed to take 2.7576 hit factors when finished the course in 26.11 seconds with 16 Alpha and 4 Charlie.

Following shooters didn’t made it to the Magnificent 7 line-up but perform to the best of their levels such as Fawaz Al Anizi, who had a perfect shoot performance as well but aside from taking the time too much time to finished the course under 39.34 seconds, he also had 16 Alpha, 1 Bravo and 3 Charlie for 2.3386 hit factors.

On his 2nd attempt, he improved on his speed but dropped on accuracy as he finished the course in 36.24 seconds and collected 13 Alpha, 2 Bravo and 5 Charlie for 2.3731 hit factors.

Jojo Arciaga finally made it to the range after a long time of absence and seems that he will have to do more practice again as he took on the course with 10 Alpha, 8 Charlie, 1 Bravo and 1 Mike under 31.89 seconds for 2.03883 hit factors.

FAST VP Cesar Isidro seemed to be not on his norms tonight and dropped his rank as he put on speed first and sacrificed on his hits.

He finished the course in 27.75 seconds after collecting 11 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 6 Charlie but with 2 Mikes and 1 no shoot that drags his scores and performance to 1.6577 hit factors.

Dan Hobley, one of the guest shooters had a good run as he finished the course in 48.68 seconds and collected 15 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 1 Mike that gave him 1.5818 hit factors, but on his 2nd attempt, he had trouble in moving through the area as he finished the course in 54.48 seconds with 12 Alpha, 5 Bravo and 3 Charlie for 1.5419 hit factors.

Abdelrahman Abubakar took his moving well in the shooting area wherein he finished the course 37.59 seconds and collected 9 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 3 Delta and 1 Miss for 1.5696 hit factors.

Last men standing and shooter on the line was Adrian Lugo, another guest shooter tonight and his 1st time to join the group finished the course in 38.59 seconds and collected 7 Alpha, 4 Bravo, 5 Charlie and 4 Mikes as he concentrates his shooting more on the head and gave him 0.5701 hit factors.

Adjusting his focus on mass area of the target for his 2nd attempt improves his score as he collected 15 Alpha and 5 Charlie under 41.03 seconds for 1.9498 hit factors.

With the above results, Cajucom and Al Kandari held on to their spots as they were the only two shooters to maintain their ranks joined by Ahmad, Rotap, Al Assaf, Henry and Al Mullah forming the Magnificent 7 Line-Up who replaced Isidro and Abubakar dropped from the line-up together with Al Shatti, Al Qattan and Al Twalah who did not join in tonight’s competition.

Professional Category

In the Professional Category, Garcia made a loud comeback as he shot his way up to top spots on his own scenario and recorded the highest hits with 16 Alpha together with 2 Bravo, 1 Charlie and 1 Delta and even with 1 no shoot, he still managed to get 3.6580 hit factors when he recorded the best time in the same category with 21.87 seconds.

Omar Al Ansari continued to hold on to his 2nd position in his performance tonight as he finished the course in 22.53 seconds and collected 7 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 7 Charlie, 4 Delta and 1 Mike that gave him 2.3524 hit factors.

He made another attempt and this time he had a good run, even with another miss on his card along with 13 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 2 Delta, he still managed to get 3.1406 hit factors.

The last shooter for the same category was Willie Santos, the 1st shooter to step in took 31.77 seconds to finish the course with 11 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 3 Delta and 1 Mike with 1 no shoot gave him 1.6682 hit factors.

With the above result, Al Ansari and Santos steadied on their spot and joined by Garcia tonight, while Al Mutariat, Al Mutawah and Al Sadoon was out and could not join the competition tonight.

Meanwhile, FAST officials had announced that all newcomers and members wishing to participate in the weekly shoots should come to the range ahead of time for a ‘dry run’ over the course.

The aim of this dry run is to ensure the newcomers safety as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition.

On the other hand, FAST officials would like to invite everyone on Tuesday evenings to the weekly fun-shoot competitions at1800 hours.

For details, on all FAST activities, contact Garcia on 66368018 and Isidro on 99530301 or look us up on Facebook ‘FAST – Kuwait’.

By Ronchie dela Cruz

Special to the Arab Times

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