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Sunday , October 20 2019

Al-Habib and Al-Mutawah win ‘Remember the Suit’ scenario – Al-Assaf, Al-Sadoon capture second place

FAST family pose for group photo during the awarding ceremony.
FAST family pose for group photo during the awarding ceremony.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: It is time again for the Filipino Action Shooting Team (FAST) for their Annual Awarding for FAST League 2015 Champions and the Post Valentine Practical Shooting Competition.

The FAST League 2015 Champions are on the list of winners for their 2015 weekly shooting matches combined with the best average scores for the Professional and Standard Category, as well as their preparation for another post Valentine cup wherein Ali Al Habib took the Champions trophy for the Standard Category and Waleed Al Mutawah for the Professional Category.

The Post Valentine Practical Shooting Cup is an event held annually by FAST-Kuwait which is open to all members and non-members as long as they are representatives or members of any registered club at the shooting range.

Aside from the fun-shoot competition, FAST has also distributed the trophies and medals for the winners of FAST League 2015 Champions for the Professional and Standard Categories.

Sr. Chief Instructor Eric Ragma topped everyone for the Professional Category with a very slim margin ahead of 1st runner-up Waleed Al Mutawah followed and 2nd runner-up Omar Al Ansari to complete the Championship line-up.

For the Standard Category, Muath Ahmad Al Qattan topped the Standard Category and because of this he had to be moved up to the Professional Category. He is followed by FAST VP Cesar Isidro and his 2nd time to achieve 1st runner-up award with FAST Sec. Archie Cajucom as the 2nd runner-up to complete the Standard Category Championship line-up.

Aside from the annual awards ceremony, FAST had a very exciting and fun-filled competition where several shooters from different clubs participated and enjoyed with FAST-Kuwait.

The ‘Remember the Suit’ scenario was another brilliant design and creation of from FAST Cajucom with a lot of help from Garcia and Ragma to observe the safety positions of the targets alongside with Range Officer Wilbert Zingapan who ensures the safety of everyone and call the shots for the competition.

‘Remember the Suit’ scenario is the continuation stage of their previous scenario which will involves the memory skill of each shooter. There are 6 areas laid out in the range and the shooter is placed behind a table and sitting on a chair while gun is at condition 3, both magazine on the mag pouch and gun holstered.

There are 18 cards on top of the table such as King, Queen, Jack and Ace alongside with the Spade, Diamond, Heart and Club together with 2 jokers. The range officer will shuffle the cards and laid it face down on top of the table where the shooter sits.

On an audible command, the shooter will have to pick one card in front and turn it over to reveal the card suit and kind, i.e. if the shooter picks the ‘King of Diamond’, that will be his primary target. Then the shooter will go through the door, load his magazine after he enters and engage the 1st target at a distance of 20 meters although he can elect to come closer up to 10 meters.

After he finished with the 1st target, the shooter will move to his right, where two targets are placed behind the barricade with a peep hole and cover, the shooter will have to pull the string and move backwards till he is behind the charge line and while holding the string to keep the peep hole cover up revealing two target in order for them to shoot it.

Then moving to the next area, where the primary targets are set behind a barricade at a distance of 5 meters, the shooter will have to engage the targets behind the charge line and through a peep hole avoiding hitting the barricades while remembering the card they pick. i.e. ‘King of Diamond’.

The target is about 4 x 6 inches and they have to hit within that frame, double tap on the ‘King’ which is at the left side and double tap on the ‘Diamond’ which is at the right side.

After the primary targets, the shooter has to move further left where, 4 more targets are located behind barricades and they have to go through certain passages and place themselves where targets are visible enough for them to engage while avoiding the no-shoots, barricades and stepping on the charge lines.

At the last target, the shooter has to go inside a box charge line where a target is located at 20 meters but divided in half by two colors such as ‘Black and Red’, and if the shooter picks a red card, he has to hit only the red part of the target. Hence, the shooter memory motor skills are tested in this scenario along with his speed and accuracy.

If the shooter happens to pick the ‘Joker’, they can shoot any of the primary target but they have to remember the ‘Suit’ which will determine the color of their last target, for Spade and Club will be black and Diamond or Heart will represent red.

At the start of the fun-shoot, Cajucom told all the competitors that safety was the priority of both the range and the organization and briefed them with the scenario after which, they gave each competitor a 5 minutes’ walk through the course of fire.

An aggregate scoring method is used to calculate the final score for each competitor with a bullet in Alpha earning 5 points, while in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 points and Delta 1 point. The time taken to complete the shoot plays a major part in the standing as the total score is divided by the time taken over the course to get the result.

The shooter can also get penalized and deduct 10 points from their total score if they received a procedural errors and hitting no-shoot targets, they can also be disqualified if they violates any gun safety handling rules.

If there is a malfunction of any of the range equipment during the competition, the shooter will be given or allowed to a re-shoot, although today’s competition is one of their annual shooting events, re-shoots will not be accommodated this time and all competitors will shoot 1 time.

Standard Category

Getting his 1st win in one of a major competition for the FAST-Kuwait is Ali Al Habib. He is the only shooter who had a good run and a perfect performance and finished the course in 46.43 seconds and collected 13 Alpha, 6 Charlie and 1 Delta for an overall 1.8092 hit factors that gave him the top spot and bring home his 1st championship trophy for a practical shooting event.

Muath Al Assaf who finished the course in 55.91 seconds and the 2nd shooter to have a perfect shoot performance had recorded the highest hit in Alpha with 18 together with 2 Charlie for 1.7170 hit factors settles for 1st runner-up with a medal.

Taking 2nd runner-up and another medal is Rasheed Al Twalah, who is new with practical shooting competition but an expert marksman and always on the range to do precision shooting. He finished the course in 45.11 seconds with 13 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 5 Charlie and 1 Mike that gave him 1.6183 hit factors.

The 3rd runner-up is Ashley Grayston who had trouble remembering the card he picked but managed to recover and finished the course in 53.14 seconds and collected 16 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 1 Mike for 1.4866 hit factors.

Last but not the least and the 4th runner-up is no other than Abdelrahman Abubakar who hangs via a thin line with the 6th shooter. He finished the course in 50.93 seconds, a little more slowly than that and he will be out of the game, nevertheless, he collected 12 Alpha, 7 Charlie and 1 Mike for 1.3941 hit factors.

Several shooters participated in the competition for the standard division who did not make it to the ‘Magic 5’ line-up but still had a good performance of their own.

Malik Javed Iqbal came close but not enough to overthrow Abubakar at the last sit. He finished the course in 51.25 seconds, a bit faster or if he had avoided a miss then he could have taken the last place. Anyway, he collected 14 Alpha, 3 Charlie, 2 Delta and 1 Mike for 1.3854 hit factors.

Hamad Al Kandari is also new to the practical shooting competition but managed to get a good run as he finished the course in 40.52 seconds and collected 12 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta and 2 Mikes for 1.3820 hit factors.

Ms. Dalal Ali had a good run for herself as she finished the course in 68.16 seconds and collected all the alphabets with 13 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 3 Charlie, 2 Delta and 1 Mike for 1.0123 hit factors.

FAST VP Cesar Isidro lost his bearings and focus and folded out of the competition after completing the course in 43.56 seconds but had to endure 11 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta and 3 Mikes for 0.9412 hit factors, but captured the FAST League 2015 2nd runner-up medal as consolation prize.

Cajucom became a victim of his own rules as he stepped on the charge-line and made a whopping 4 procedural errors that really dragged his scores, if it wasn’t for those procedural error, he could have taken at least a place on the magic 5 list. He finished the course in 37.92 seconds which is recorded as the fastest time in the same category and collected 11 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta and 3 Mikes for 0.0264 hit factors.

Mohanned Al Turkait is also a new shooter in a practical shooting event and was disqualified by Range Officer Zingapan for improper or unsafe gun handling and had to stop him from his run.

With the above results, Habib, Assaf, Twalah, Grayston and Abubakar sets up the new ‘Magic 5’ line-up for the week and replaces Isidro, Cajucom and Iqbal who all fell short in tonight’s shootout.

Professional Category

It is more exciting and fun at the Professional Category as Waleed Al Mutawah redeemed and captureed the championship trophy for tonight’s competition with his perfect shoot performance after completing the course in 31.34 seconds.

He collected 17 Alpha and 3 Charlie for 2.9994 hit factors. Aside from taking the championship trophy for the Post Valentine Cup, he also took the 1st runner-up medal for the FAST League 2015.

1st runner-up is Mohammed Al Sadoon did a great job by collecting 14 Alpha, 5 Charlie and 1 Delta for a perfect shoot performance under 39.94 seconds enough to beat everyone except Al Mutawah for a 2.1516 hit factors.

Muath Ahmad Al Qattan, after winning the FAST League 2015 Championship has to move up one category up and did a great job by securing another medal as 2nd runner-up in tonight’s competition. He finished the course in 46.17 seconds and collected 18 Alpha, 1 Charlie and 1 Delta for 2.0360 hit factors.

3rd runner-up is Faizal Al Otaibi, which is also his 1st time to join the practical shooting competition but not new to the shooting range took the course in 54.60 seconds and collected 18 Alpha with 2 Charlie for 1.7582 hit factors that earned him his 1st practical shooting medal.

Last but not the least is FAST Pres. Ronil Garcia who also recorded the fastest time for the same category with 30.03 seconds after collecting 12 Alpha, 4 Charlie, 1 Delta and 3 Mikes that gave him 1.4319 hit factors.

Tamer Al Mutairat could have also placed himself on top but was unable to secure a place due to 2 procedural errors as he also stepped on the charge line. He finished the course in 37.67 seconds with 16 Alpha, 2 Charlie and 2 Mikes for 1.2211 hit factors.

Mishari Al Jaheli is teamed up with Al Otaibi and both new to this sport did a good run but not enough to secure a place in the top 5. He finished the course in 60.03 seconds and collected 16 Alpha, 2 Charlie and 2 Mikes with 1 procedural error that gave him 0.8112 hit factors.

Daniel Marjanovic who had a good run made 4 procedural errors as he stepped on the line as well. He finished the course in 41.96 seconds and collected 11 Alpha, 6 Charlie, 1 Delta and 2 Mikes for 0.3337 hit factors.

With the above result, Al Mutawah, Al Sadoon, Al Qattan and Garcia completed the ‘Magic 5’ line-up, the line-up that separates the boys and men. Santos and Al Ansari did not compete in tonight’s competition.

Again, FAST officials congratulated all the winners for the Post Valentine Practical Shooting Competition – Remember the Suit scenario and to all those who had won the FAST League 2015 awards.

FAST officials have announced that all newcomers and members wishing to participate in the weekly shoots should come to the range ahead of time for a ‘dry run’ over the course.

The aim of this dry run is to ensure safety of newcomers as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition.

On the other hand, FAST officials invite everyone Tuesday evenings to the weekly fun-shoot competitions at 1800 hours.

For details, on all FAST activities, contact Garcia on 66368018 and Isidro on 99530301 or look us up on Facebook ‘FAST – Kuwait’.

By Ronchie dela Cruz

Special to the Arab Times


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