Al-Ghaith issues orders to cancel decision expelling 50 Bedoun children from 3 schools

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7: Three elementary schools in Jahra Educational Zone had expelled about 50 Bedoun children just one week after resumption due to an error from the Students Affairs Department of the zone concerning their date of registration. However, Director of Jahra Educational Zone Walid Al-Ghaith later issued orders to cancel the decision, reports Al- Rai daily quoting an informed source. The source explained that Al- Ghaith, who had officially resumed work last Thursday, received the students and their parents who held a protest in front of his office.

The children were in tears, which moved him, and he instructed the principals of the schools to take back the students and nullify the “shameful” decision. Al-Ghaith inquired about source of the decision and the response he was given was that the schools received a ‘WhatsApp’ message from the concerned official to act in that regard. Al-Ghaith declared that the concerned department will be held responsible for the error, assuring the pupils and their parents that they are not to be blamed for the situation. He wondered how some educational officials could stoop so low to the extent of issuing directives to expel children from schools just one week after the resumption of classes.

Meanwhile, Acting Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education Dr Saud Al-Harbi said Kuwait and other GCC countries stand before mammoth challenges in the fight against extremism, fanaticism and terrorism, and “it is important to agree on general policies and leave the concepts for experts”. In a statement in concurrence with the prevailing educational ideology in the region, Dr Al-Harbi added that Gulf countries conform to similar cultural and philosophical background that makes it imperative to work toward means of fighting extremism and fanatism, particularly under the current situation”.

Dr Al-Harbi affirmed the importance of a common GCC vision to develop and improve education systems, which include curriculum. Despite having shared areas in this regard, there is ongoing intense effort to unify education system in fighting extremism that poses grave danger to the entire region.

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