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Al-Durra firm fails to solve crisis of domestic workers

KUWAIT CITY, April 30: The Al- Durra Company has entered the circle of default again, and failed to solve the crisis of domestic workers and the waiting period of the citizens which has extended to more than three months until the contracted workers arrives in the country, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Some citizens said Al-Durra did not prove confidence given by the government, and disappointing the hopes they had to deal with the problem of domestic labor and prices, which rose significantly as the month of Ramadan approached. During a visit to the Al-Durra domestic labor offices by the daily, it was revealed that the price of hiring a maid is not less than 1,450 dinars per worker, for all nationalities, except for the Africans, which is estimated at KD 990.

It turned out that the Al-Durra is not able to provide domestic workers for citizens and residents like other offices because they do not have any domestic workers, while the other offices have returned workers or requests of maids that can arrive in less than a month.

Employees at Al-Durra told the daily they have received no applications at present, and therefore it is not possible until the arrival of workers from three countries – the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India – and that the waiting period may be 90 days.

As for the recruitment prices, the employees reported that the demand for Sri Lankan workers is 975 dinars, the highest; followed by the Philippines at KD 850, and finally the Indians at KD 460, while the monthly salary ranges between 100 and 130 dinars. For male domestic workers, they are available at a salary ranging from 90 to 100 dinars and 280 dinars for the driver, at a salary of 140 dinars, plus 45 dinars with the request

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