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Aga & Elvie clinch FTBK-BEC Singles Tournament title – Egay & Emma grab runner up positions

FTBK-BEC Singles Tournament Group 1 finalists
FTBK-BEC Singles Tournament Group 1 finalists

KUWAIT CITY, May 22: At the just concluded finals of the 2016 FTBK-BEC Singles Tournament held at the Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya, Aga Cuadrazal the diminutive stalwart of Cozmo Salmiya once again proved his mettle as he ruled the Group 1 finals of the 2nd FTBK-Bahrain Exchange Company Singles Tenpin Bowling Tournament held at the Cozmo Bowling Center in Salmiya. In the Group 2 side of the event organized by the Filipino Tenpin Bowlers Kuwait (FTBK), Elvie Sotio of DMDA Bowleros led from start to finish to clinched the coveted title. Grabbing the runner up honors in Group 1 were Egay Cabildo and Faie Reyel with Emma Gatus and Chit Mariano doing the same in Group 2.

To qualify for the championship round of this tournament serving as a side event of the 2016 FTBK-Bahrain Exchange Company Tenpin Bowling Team Tournament, participants must register their games in the team competition prior to the start of each and every game (maximum of four (4) games per week). Based on the bowler’s total 8-game series score the Top 16 in both Groups advances to the 8-games series final round. A minimum of 8 games is required to qualify and bowlers are allowed multiple entries in order to improve their score in the standings. In Group 1 compose of Men’s Division Class O and A bowlers, the qualifiers are as follows, Rolly David, Rod Llait, JR Sabado, Al Belarmino, Edwin de Mesa, Egay Cabildo, Romy Fermil, Faie Reyel, Aga Cuadrazal, Ronnel Valencia, Manny Nazaire, Rico Galang, Edwin Latoja, Bong Bermillo, Alfred Avila and Rudy Zablan. With his explosive showing in the first two games where he rolled in a 235 and 193, Ronnel Valencia took the lead in the early going with his 428 total followed by Aga Cuadrazal who carded a 401 (210, 191), Edwin Latoja with 386 (197, 189), Rod Llait and Faie Reyel who both garnered a 2-game series score of 380 pin falls.

In the next 2-game block, Faie Reyel took over the driver’s seat as he sizzled with eye popping scores of 231 and 241 en-route to a 4-game tally of 852 pin falls, Aga Cuadrazal with 811 meanwhile retained his second place ranking followed by Rod Llait-800, Bong Bermillo 797 and erstwhile leader Ronnel Valencia 761. With his consistent pin busting working in his favor, a 181 and 203 scores in games 5 and 6 gave Aga Cuadrazal (1195) the upper hand as Faie Reyel who crashed in game 6 with a 130 dropped to second place with 1184. Going to the last two games of the series, the remaining contenders were Egay Cabildo-1163, Ronnel Valencia-1153 and Romy Fermil-1152. In the penultimate game, Aga Cuadrazal remained on top of the situation by rolling a 200 to keep the lead through a 7-game series of 1395. Hot on his heels going to the decisive 8th game were Faie Reyel-1377, Egay Cabildo-1373, Bong Bermillo-1373 and Edwin Latoja-1353. As he closed out with a 210 score in the final game Aga Cuadrazal grabbed the title with his final tally of 1605 pin falls. First runner plum went to Egay Cabildo with 1576 with Faie Reyel settling for the second runner post with 1568.

In the Group 2 side, the finalist were Rita Vidana, Gina Ashley, Norie Sairat, Bobby Carambas, Vicky Navarro, Newell Sioxch, Liza Catapia, Elvie Sotio, Emma Gatus and Chit Mariano. In the first two games, Elvie Sotio was quick to build a commanding lead by dishing out a 222 and 174 for an opening 2-game block score of 396 pin falls. The early leaders also included Bobby Carambas-372, Emma Gatus-337, Liza Catapia-334 and Gina Ashley-333. A 176 and 175 in games 3 and 4 was all that Elvie Sotio (747) needed to keep the lead. Liza Catapia on the other hand somehow cut down the difference between her and the pace setter after carding a 4-game series of 700. At the halfway mark of the 8-game series competition, the other contenders were Chit Mariano-695, Vicky Navarro-674 and Bobby Carambas 670.

Past the halfway mark in games 5 and 6, the consistent Elvie Sotio (1102) held her ground even as the other contenders headed by Liza Catapia-1077, Chit Mariano-1067, Emma Gatus-1048 and Vicky Navarro-1028 tried their best to wrest the lead at this stage of the competition. In the penultimate game 7, Elvie Sotio mathematically sealed her victory after posting a 212 and a 1314 tally to go up by 64 pin falls from the second running Chit Mariano who submitted a 1250. And with just a game left to bowl, the contenders for the remaining two prizes at stake were Liza Catapia-1235, Emma Gatus-1230 and Newell Sioxch-1215. Through a final game score of 169 and an game series score of 1483, Elvie Sotio clinched the Group 2 title with plenty to spare. Grabbing the first runner up post was Emma Gatus with 1428 and taking the second runner up prize was Chit Mariano with 1219.

By Miguel Carlos

Special to the Arab Times

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