Acquiring driving license but salary on work permit is lesser then actual salary I get

I have done Bachelors in Computer Science and this degree has been approved and attested by Kuwait’s Ministry of Justice. My job designation is computer programmer. My problem is that my salary written on Izzne Amaal (work permit) is only KD 200 although my actual salary is around KD 600. Am I eligible for a driving license?

Name withheld
Answer: No, you can get the driving license because you do not meet the requirements which are as follows:

1. Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2. Must be a university graduate

3. Must be earning at least KD 600.

This salary must be mentioned on the work permit otherwise it will not be considered, regardless of how much you are actually getting.

While you have not mentioned how long you have been in Kuwait, we can see you clearly don’t meet the salary condition …so no license.

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