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Wednesday , September 28 2022

According to USA, Kuwait is a plague country

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The United States has classified Kuwait as a ‘coronavirus high-risk’ country although we use vaccines manufactured by countries insisted by our government – the government led by its ‘general’ and Minister of Health. So, according to America we are a plague country. Soon this American classification will be followed by other countries, while our minister says the Director-General of the World Health Organization was impressed by measures taken by us, of course, after he was served a butterfish (Zubaidi) meal at the minister’s house. Oh Prime Minister, the Kuwaiti procedures are not healthy but confusing. God help us. We only say: “Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and you are our Excellent Support and the Excellent Helper.” … Yet, tomorrow is just another day. Zahed Matar, Arab Times

A panoramic view of Kuwait City with towering buildings sprouting up all over. High humidity has brought some clouds with it.

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