Accommodation for bachelors

I am a regular reader of the Legal Clinic. I want to know the answer to the following questions:

1. Where are the bachelor areas located in Kuwait?

2. Can a bachelor have shared accommodation with another bachelor or a bachelor can share accommodation with a family in a family building?

Name withheld

Answer: It is strange that everyone, both officials and expatriates, talk about bachelor areas and yet there is no definite line which separates the family areas from the bachelor areas (for expatriates).

The only definite thing about the whole issue is that bachelors are not allowed to reside in Kuwaiti areas. And for the rest of the country you will find whole buildings with bachelors next to buildings with families.

The only other thing about bachelors is that they can’t reside in buildings with families. There are a lot of buildings which have both families and bachelors but the latter are only there as long as the families don’t object. If even one of the families complains the bachelors will have no choice but to vacate their flats or they could be forcibly evicted by the Municipality.

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