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Absconding case registered – Can I take advantage of this Amnesty

My visa is Article 18, and my sponsor registered a complaint against me that I ran away (Thagayub), therefore my residency has expired, can I use this amnesty to leave the country? If I can not what do I have to do to leave the country?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the recently issued Ministerial Decision No. 64/2018 stipulating regulations for expats whose residency applications were rejected or those with expired residency permits to rectify their permits or leave the country.

The situation you find yourself falls under Article 4 of the said regulations. Article 4 states that expatriates who violated the residency law with administrative or judicial obstacles that could prevent them from leaving the country should visit the Residency Affairs General Department to know the conditions under which to leave the country or obtain residence permit according to the rules and regulations stipulated for the period running from Jan 29, 2018 to Feb 22, 2018.

Our advice to you therefore is that visit the Residency Affairs General Department for guidance as to what to do.

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