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90 pc of ‘Bedoun’ hold IDs, original nationality documents

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: Head of the Central Agency for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents or the socalled Bedoun, Saleh Al-Fadhalah, has said that the agency will not bow to any pressure whatsoever from anyone, reports Al-Anba daily. He said the issue which took about a full year to study and scrutiny to solve it was presented to the Supreme Planning Council during a meeting that included the members of the Council and ministers headed by His Highness the Prime Minister.

The study was also approved by representatives of all tribes and groups. Al-Fadalah stressed that he is an individual and a citizen of Kuwait keen on the national identity of Kuwait, noting that the central apparatus represented by its president and all its military and civilian personnel will not bow to pressures. “We are going on and we are on our way, as we are told in the plan of action and the road map.” He also pointed out that 90% of the Bedoun now hold IDs and this is in addition to their original nationalities.

Al-Fadhalah added that if there is an ‘attack’ on us, organized or unorganized, let the deaf hear that we will not bow. As we walk our way, we have a goal and we will not turn back. As for the mechanism of naturalization, Al-Fadhalah pointed to the existence of a committee called the File Evaluation Committee, and “we have the files of 65 census which we send to this Committee, which comprises members from CSRSIR, the Council of Ministers and chaired by the Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, and undersecretaries of state ministries and state senior officials to review these files and decide, thus CSRSIR has nothing to do with naturalization.

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