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89,000 people exited on Wed – List of ‘absentees’ a day before Eid holiday differs

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: The number of government sector employees who reported for work a day before the holidays differed from one institution to another, reports Al-Anba daily. In the Ministry of Electricity and Water, majority of the employees were present except those who applied for leave according to the law but its halls were quiet because only a few people came to process their transactions.

In the ministries of Public Works and Communications, most of the employees were absent which is no longer surprising as this has been the situation every time the country celebrates a long holiday. An official from one of the ministries has called on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to take the necessary measures to stop habitual absences or malingering among public sector employees, especially before and after the holidays.

On the other hand, sources from the Ministry of Communications confirmed a list of employees who were absent a day before the holiday without justification will be submitted to the concerned authority and severe sanctions will be imposed on them. Meanwhile, the halls of the Ministry of Social Affairs were almost empty and some employees were absent due to their periodic or seasonal holidays for Hajj, but their absence did not affect the processing of transactions. Sources stressed the ministry will punish employees who were absent that day without any valid reason according to the CSC law. In a related development, it has been reported that around 50 percent of employees and students planned for a long Eid holiday as they were absent on Tuesday.

Sources from the CSC revealed around 33,000 employees applied for sick or emergency leaves before Eid, while Kuwait University also witnessed a big number of absences among students as less than 50 percent attended their classes. Sources added the attendance rate in public schools was zero percent. Meanwhile, the number of passengers who traveled out of Kuwait on Wednesday reached 89,000 and most of them headed to Dubai, Mashhad, Istanbul, Beirut and Cairo where they will spend their Eid holidays, reports Al-Anba daily quoting Director of the Operations Department at Kuwait International Airport Saleh Al-Fadaghi.

In a press statement, Al-Fadaghi disclosed a support team was formed to facilitate procedures for passengers, lessen the waiting period and prevent overcrowding. He said the Ministry of Interior put barriers to organize movement outside the airport building in order to ensure that the passengers will not miss their flights. He added the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) employees and their counterparts in other concerned institutions are fully prepared in providing services to the passengers. He affirmed these employees are ready to respond to any inquiry or complaint, urging those banned from traveling to visit the office of the Ministry of Justice at the airport which operates round the clock. He also called on the public to cooperate with traffic officers as the parking areas are expected to be full and the movement of vehicles going and coming from the airport could be slower due to the large number of travelers.

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