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Monday , December 16 2019

68 year old parent not granted visit visa

Today, I visited Ahmadi New Passport and Immigration office to get visit visa for my 68-yearold mother. But the visa was not issued, at counter date of birth mentioned on application was rounded with pen and officer said “very big”. Is there any age restriction for parents to obtain one-tmonth visit visa. Can you please advise if there is any insurance procedure to complete to obtain visit visa for parents.

Name withheld

Answer: In the new amended visa regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior recently, nothing was mentioned about age restriction and insurance cover for visitors to Kuwait. We can therefore not hazard a guess as to why your mother’s visit visa was denied except to say that approving or rejecting a visa request is the exclusive preserve of the official dealing with the application, even though an applicant who is not satisfied with the decision taken can ask to see a superior officer to seek more clarifications and a possible reversal of the earlier decision taken.

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