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6,000 job applications submitted will be handled as per agreement

‘Refusing offered jobs that match their qualifications will be frozen’

KUWAIT CITY, July 3: About 6,000 job applications submitted to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) will be handled in line with an agreement between CSC and the Parliament’s Replacement Committee, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources from CSC.

They revealed that most of the applications belong to Kuwaiti women aged between 50 and 65 years, indicating that they were nominated for various jobs but they chose not to take up those jobs.

The sources stressed that a process for renewing the data of 14,000 citizens registered under the CSC employment system will be carried out. Meanwhile, parliamentary sources disclosed that a meeting between the Parliament’s Replacement Committee and CSC concluded by solving the problem of accumulated job applications.

They explained that the registered number deceivingly imply Kuwait suffers from employment crisis but this is not accurate because about 50 percent of these applicants are high school graduates and lower. Most of them are women aged between 50 and 65 years, and many among them had been offered jobs but they did not accept them.

They who chose not to accept the offered jobs have been registered in the employment system of CSC since 1999. The sources stressed that CSC will summon these applicants to inform them that the applications of those who do not accept the offered jobs that match their qualifications will be frozen, adding that this step will reduce the number of job applications, which is currently 12,000, by about 50 percent

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