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6 Kuwaiti women among 100 termed as the most influential in Middle East

Forbes list based on several components

Clockwise: Hanadi Al Saleh, Iman Al Rowdan, Sheikha Al Bahr, Ghada Al Amer, Mai Al Mudhaf, and Osoun Al-Khalid

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: Six Kuwaiti women from among the 100 from various categories are termed as the most influential in the Middle East for the year 2018, according to Forbes Middle East magazine, reports Al-Rai daily.

In the top slot, are Zain CEO Iman Al Rowdan who is ranked sixth, followed by NBK’s Deputy CEO Sheikha Al Bahr, and Agility Chairperson Hanadi Al Saleh came in 12th place.

Ghada Al Amer, the former managing director of financial affairs at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, came in 49th place, while the CEO of Abu Dhabi’s first branch in Kuwait, Mai Al Mudhaf, took the 55th position while the executive vice-president of ACICO, Osoun Al-Khalid, was 72nd. On the other hand, heading the list is Olayan Finance Group Chief Executive Officer Lubna Al Olayan, followed by the Managing Director of Isa Saleh Al Gurg Group, Raja Issa Al Gurg, and the Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Group, Renuka Jagtiani.

The current banking and financial services sector has 29 out of 100 women, with more than 16 women serving as CEO, general manager or managing director of well-known financial institutions in the region. For the first time, this year’s list includes 16 non-Arab women working in the Middle East, who have contributed significantly to the regional economy through various industries and sectors.

“The impact of Arab women on the business community in the region continues to occupy higher position year after year in managerial and executive positions of giant regional and global companies and entities, in conjunction with the entry of some of them into vital areas, previously confined to the category of men, such as oil and gas sectors and financial technology.

“The list is based on several components, including the revenues of the companies run by the women, the position, the breadth of management, the strength of the role they play, the years of experience and the growth rate of their businesses, and the initiatives they have made over the last three years.”

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