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‘6 govt employment agencies recruit nurses’

Indian envoy says not received any official request from N. Delhi

Indian Ambassador Sunil Jain

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 13: The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain, in response to the article published two days ago about hawala transactions, said this issue is no longer a secret and that there are agencies in both countries involved in such transactions.

He explained that each nurse was forced to pay between KD 7,000 and KD 10,000 to work in Kuwait, which led them to seek loans from banks or sell their homes and jewelry. The recruitment of Indian nurses to work in Kuwait happens through six government employment agencies. This step is aimed for more transparency in the process of recruitment of nurses. The latter must obtain governmental approval before coming to work in Kuwait, and is subject to scrutiny by the Immigration Service of India.

The ambassador indicated that he had read the reports published in Indian newspapers  about the presence of Kuwaiti officials who are accused of laundering the money of the “Indian nurses”, but he has not received any official request from his country so far in this regard. He revealed that the Indian Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) is investigating this issue.

The Indian Ambassador affirmed that as soon as he receives any request related to this matter, he will notify Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Ministry of Health Dr Ahmed Al-Shatti made a brief comment about the matter by indicating that it is not possible to anticipate events, but those with documents in this regard can submit them to the concerned authorities.

In addition, MP Saleh Ashour urged for the need to form an inquiry commission at the next parliamentary session to discuss the issue and its details, especially since it is concerned with the presence of nurses who were exploited through the royalties imposed on them. He insisted on knowing the names of those involved in this serious scandal

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