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Monday , February 24 2020

51,000 illegals legalized their stay since the start of amnesty

2.8 mln expatriates working in Kuwait, Indians top

KUWAIT CITY, April 11: Fifty-one thousand, or 33 per cent of the expatriates who were living illegally in the country are said to have legalized their documents from day one of the amnesty (Jan 22, 2018) until (April 9, 2018) quoting knowledgeable security sources.

The same sources added 32,000 violators left the country without paying the fines keeping the option of returning to Kuwait open according to the provisions of the ministerial decision in this regard, while another 19,500 paid fines to regularize their stay which amounted to KD 170,600.

The sources called on the rest of the approximately 10,000 violators of the residence law, to speed up and amend their legal status before the deadline which ends after two weeks.

The sources stressed all departments of the Ministry of Interior will organize campaigns to prosecute the violators after the amnesty period ends.

The sources also pointed out aft er the end of this amnesty period, the violators who did not leave the country or correct their situation will not be allowed to correct their situations and shall be deported aft er their arrest and barred from entering the country.

The sources pointed out 2.8 million expatriates legally (valid residence) work in the country topped by the Indian community which numbers 940,000, followed by the Egyptians 910,000, Bangladeshis 260,000 and the rest of the nationalities make 690,000.

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