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Wednesday , June 16 2021

400 files of companies referred to the Public Prosecution for human trafficking

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: The Public Authority for Manpower transferred about 400 files of companies to the Public Prosecution due their involvement in human trafficking, besides this 3,000 different complaints were most of them were related to non-payment of salaries to employees.

The Deputy Director General for Manpower Protection, Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi stated that “during the period of the Corona pandemic, we formed crisis teams and emergency teams in addition to the existing inspection teams to monitor the conditions of expatriate workers. During this period, we received 3,000 complaints from which 2,300 were provided assistance. Besides this there were urgent matters which included workers who wanted to return to their homeland, with the cooperation of DGCA and Ministry of Interior 800 workers were able to go back to their countries. Plus there were deportation of violators”

Salaries not paid

Al-Azmi further stated that regarding unpaid salaries, the employers were called through the Ministry of Interior where the employers cooperated and came up with an amicable solution, hence the employees were able to receive their salaries. Cases which were unresolved files of those companies were referred to the Ministry of Interior.

Total of 1980 employees who complained received salaries during the pandemic period. Majority of the employers found it difficult to communicate with workers hence during these circumstances Public Authority of Manpower facilitated in solving issues. Some employers refrained from paying salaries due to lack of financial liquidity, in these types of cases they were referred to the judiciary. The most important thing was to stabilize workers rights and facilitate their process to return back to their homeland.

Human Trafficking cases

Complaints which were related to human trafficking were referred to the Ministry of Interior where cases were registered against the employers files and problems regarding their employement.

In turn the Ministry of Interior conducted investigation based on suspicion of human trafficking by selling visas and stamping residence withou giving them any jobs. 400 files were referred to the prosecution, and the work has been continued to uncover more companies who are involved in this business. 3,000 files have been closed. During the coming period work will be carried in the same pace and mechanism.

The files which have been suspended and their owner who have failed to review the files the Public Authority of Manpower has called them and complete the required procedures failing to do so the authorities will implement drastic law.

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