Over 32,000 traffic citations are issued – 6 people for deportation

KUWAIT CITY, March 23: General Traffic Department launched a comprehensive campaign last week for the safety and security of road-users, says Ministry of Interior. The campaign resulted in the issuance of 32,345 citations, and impounding of 1,233 vehicles plus 14 motorbikes.

Also, traffic officers seized a wanted vehicle and referred 6 people to deportation for driving vehicles without driving license and detained 56 people, dealt with 1,644 traffic accidents in which six deaths were recorded alongside 244 injured people.

Public Relations and Security Media Department has since urged drivers to abide by traffic rules and regulations for their own safety and that of other roadusers, noting the campaign will continue in an indeterminate period to curb all negative trends on roads.

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  1. While I commend the efforts of the police in trying to maintain the safety and security of road-users, I sometimes wonder quite what effect this is actually having. When driving home for about 15 kms on the 30 highway each day i observe drivers who seem to think the emergency lane is just another road lane for their use, flying past at well in excess of 120 kph and showering the legal road users’ vehicles with grit and dust. I would really love to hear that these people do get picked up by the average speed cameras and that they have had to pay fines.

    Another area which could actually give rise to employment which pays for itself would be to have Parking Police. Most European countries have a large force which strictly polices parking in order to ensure roads are kept open. Anyone who parks where they should not is liable to receive a parking ticket, or a wheel clamp, or even be towed away. Parking in Kuwait is often appalling and a self funding force of Parking Police could help to keep this in check.

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