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309,644 civilian employed in the public sector, says CSC

Contract extended for supplying health service to retirees

KUWAIT CITY, July 5: Recent Civil Service Commission (CSC) statistics place the total number of civilian workers in public sector since the beginning of July at 309,644, of which 231,408 are Kuwaitis covering 74.73 percent of the figure, reports Al-Qabas daily.

It indicated that non-Kuwaiti civilian government employees constitute 78,236 representing 25.27 percent of total workforce in the sector. The number of Kuwaiti women employees is twice over that of their male counterparts in public sector with 147,869 as against 83,539 men. Quite the reverse, the difference between non-Kuwaiti male and female employees was minimal in the sense that non-Kuwaiti men made up 39,063 and the women 39,173.

Ministry of Education has the largest number of civilian government employees reaching 114,868 of which 83,665 are Kuwaitis while non-Kuwaitis constitute 31,203. The female employees of the same ministry have reached 71,264 and their male counterparts 12,401.

Next is the Ministry of Health whose civilian employees constitute 63,206 including 26,861 Kuwaitis, while Ministry of Electricity and Water occupies the third place with a total number of 21,025 employees represented by 19,692 Kuwaitis and 1,333 non-Kuwaitis.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Finance has agreed to the request of Ministry of Health to extend the contract for supplying health services to retirees (Afia) for additional six months with effect from the expiry of the last extension, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that the extension will be from July 16, 2018 to Jan 16, 2019 under the same terms and conditions without any increase in the price of the original contract. The extension deal is worth KD 41 million without the provision for advertising. The costs of the contract will be covered from the “Afia” budget in the budget of the current fiscal year.

The sources highlighted that this step was taken after the Central Agency for Public Tenders cancelled the current tender of health insurance for retired citizens (Afia) with the relaunch of a new tender.

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