Monday , September 24 2018

More than 30 unlawful poll campaign bases dismantled

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10, (Agencies): More than 30 illicit election campaign bases have been found, head of a joint Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Municipal committee dealing with parliamentary elections, Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said on Thursday.

In a statement to the press, Al- Manfouhi said that members of the committee have intensified their inspection campaigns of the nation’s six governorates, to ensure that all campaign bases are in line with municipal regulations. Moreover, he noted that special identification cards will be given to members of this committee, authorizing them to administer any violations committed by candidates. He also highlighted the fact that all precautions are in place to ensure a seamless election process on November 26th. Al-Manfouhi also warned against any forms of propaganda techniques on the part of candidates, saying that such measures will be dealt with sternly.

In other news, candidate from the Third Constituency in the upcoming National Assembly election Jamal Al-Omar affirmed that government has been abortive in its bid to provide essential services to citizens, and only 50 percent of the projects listed for execution were accomplished. He made the observation at the opening of his campaign office recently. He stressed that projects executed were not up to standard and didn’t refl ect constitutional spirit. He stated the dissolution of 2013 National Assembly was in order, considering the state of affairs in the region that could affect the country negatively in case of negligence by Arab and Islamic countries.

He declared he was among those who called for the dissolution of 2013 National Assembly, because its continuity will not add value to national development — as it became clear that government could no longer manage the economy. He reasoned the government presented an economic reform document after the dwindling oil price, but the reform was far from reality. He cited the decision to increase fuel prices without taking painstaking study and its effect on citizens as overwhelming. He complained the allocation of 75 liters of fuel to each citizen having a vehicle every month is illogical and strange, adding the 17-point reform document of government raises electricity bill and puts additional burden on Kuwaiti families.

He declared that Kuwaitis are always ready to sacrifice for the country and so citizens should not be treated in that manner. He considered the Kuwaiti people are in charge and they will vote for trusted people who stood by them. He faulted the government for appointing people into positions of authority such as ministers, undersecretaries, assistant undersecretaries and directors without considering any factor. He also said none of the ministers has experience on economy except the Minister of Finance Anas Saleh who once worked for the bourse and now combining about 17 positions. He reiterated the assignments before the minister is daunting and beyond capacity.

Meanwhile, Fourth Constituency candidate Dr Mohammed Alharass is of the view that society should preserve the faith, social values and dignity away from politics. He vowed to defend the vested rights and interests of Kuwaitis with respect and “there is no retreat from what he’s saying today”. Alharass pointed to the critical and dangerous situation the country has been experiencing, especially in the past three years. He said times have been hard but it is time for everyone to contribute to amending the situation”.

Meanwhile, Dr Jamaan Al Harbash, candidate from Second Constituency described citizenship as loyalty and sense of belongingness, stressing the need to reconcile rights and duties, because if rights are in disarray, loyalty, belongingness and sacrifice for the country becomes weak and overpowered. He said Kuwaitis throughout history have been a people supporting the leadership in difficult circumstances and tribulations but witnessed shortcomings in their rights over the past few years and retaliated with disobedience.

Al Harbash called on concerned authorities to review the decision of withdrawing citizenship of people classified as political opponents of the government. He stressed the dangerous part of the situation was the last Parliament providing cover for such measures although the Constitution is clear that Kuwaiti citizenship is organized by law and it’s revocation is only allowed by law.

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