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3 years mandatory service for sponsor who brought you to Kuwait applicable to all

I came to Kuwait 9 months before as Technician on Visa 18. I am having Bachelor’s Degree. I would like to know if my visa can be transferred upon completion of 1 year in current company if my current sponsor is ready to release me. I heard from a Representative that “if visa issued from Mubarak Al Kabeer Governate then can only be transferred upon completion of 3 years with current employer”. Is there any such rule? I am little worried, your advice and comment will be highly appreciated. Please reply.

Name withheld

Answer: The 3-year mandatory service for the sponsor who brought you to Kuwait is applicable to all irrespective of whether one is a university degree holder or not: However, if after working one year for your sponsor and he has no objection to giving you a release, nothing can stop him from doing that.


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