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3 women, man assault policewomen

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: Three young women and a man have been referred to the Criminal Evidences Department to measure the level of alcohol in their blood, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, the four persons have been charged with insulting policewomen, assaulting and tearing their uniform and evading arrest. This happened when a police patrol saw a woman behind the wheel in a suburb of Abu Al-Hassaniya with a young man and two women.

The police officer suspected the four people and ordered the woman to pull over. As the officer walked to the car, he ordered the four people to show their IDs, and it became evident that the four people were under the influence of alcohol and the young man did not have the ID. When the man was asked to step out of the car, the woman behind the wheel interrupted and objected to the officer’s request.

The officer then summoned female officers to deal with the women and at his point the women not only verbally abused the officers, but assaulted them and tore their uniforms, until they were overpowered and arrested and taken to the area police station before referring them to Forensics.

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