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Tuesday , August 20 2019

3 months contract visa – can I transfer my visa?

I got a job with a company in Kuwait, mobilized from Nigeria and after 3 months they told me the contracts had completed. My condition was an open contract. The company gave us 3 months notice which I completed. Now I got another job after serving a notice period. Can I transfer my visa after the notice period when I have not stayed up to 1 year?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the Kuwait Labour Law if you are hired outside and brought to Kuwait by your employer, you have to work for the employer for at least three years before you can ask for a release to join another company.

However, the employer on his own volition can give you a release before the end of the three-year mandatory service period. Answering your question directly if your employer after the three months notice period decides to give you a release nothing will stop him from doing that. We must, however, point out that the fact that your employer signing an NOC with regard to a work permit transfer does not mean that it is a done deal. Indeed when it comes to visa transfer the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour and the Immigration Department are the final arbiters.


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