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3 dead bodies infected with coronavirus buried without washing

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 16: The Director of Funeral Affairs Department, Dr. Faisal Al-Awadi, revealed that the administration had buried 3 bodies who had died due to the Corona virus, without washing them.

Al-Awadhi told that any measure related to deaths in general has two parts, legal and health, but in the current situation there is a direct order from the Ministry of Health that in the event of death due to the virus, the deceased is placed in a completely closed sterile bag which does not open, and is done suffice to do ritual of washing the body (tayammum) and prayer for the dead.

He further stated that the burial procedures are as per usual proceeding and that the selection of graves is according to the established numerical sequence, and therefore there are no places designated for those who died with the virus.

In addition, only 3 people with the deceased were allowed to enter and attend the burial which takes place in cemetery.

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