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Thursday , October 28 2021

29 dual-nationality citizens renounce Kuwaiti citizenship – Hold on to Saudi, Qatari nationalities

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: About 29 Kuwaiti citizens with dual citizenships of either Saudi Arabia or Qatar have voluntarily given up their Kuwaiti citizenship after they were summoned by the concerned authorities and have decided to hold on to their Qatari and Saudi citizenship, reports Al-Rai daily.

A report in this regard will be submitted to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al- Sabah, who will in turn forward it to the Council of Ministers to cancel the citizenship of these individuals based on Article 11 of the Kuwait Nationality law.

Article 11 of this law stipulates the following: “A Kuwaiti national shall lose his Kuwaiti nationality if he becomes voluntarily naturalized according to the law of another state. “His children, if they are minors, will also lose their Kuwaiti nationality and they will acquire ipso facto the nationality of the other state of which their father has become naturalized. Such children shall reacquire Kuwaiti nationality upon informing Minister of Interior within two years after they pass the minor age, based on their wish to do so.

“A Kuwaiti national who has lost his citizenship by virtue of the provisions of this article may reacquire his Kuwaiti citizenship based on a resolution of the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of Minister Interior, provided he has lawfully resided in Kuwait for not less than one year, has applied for the reacquisition of Kuwaiti citizenship and has renounced his foreign nationality. He shall receive his Kuwaiti nationality upon the acceptance of his application by the Council of Ministers.”

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