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2,670,000 expatriates staying in Kuwait with valid residency – Renewal of domestics residencies increasing steadily

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 21: A total of 2,670,000 expatriates from different nationalities currently have valid residency, reports al-Anba daily quoting a security source.

As per statistics from the General Department for Residency Affairs headed by Major General Talal Marafi, the figure constitutes 901,000 Indians, 587,000 Egyptians, and 145,000 Syrians, the source added. He also said the number of Indians with valid residency has increased by 100,000 in the last six months while nothing has changed with the Syrian community.

He noted 202,000 Bangladeshis are holding valid residency and that their number has increased by 60,000 since the last six months, while Filipinos constitute 243,000, along with 39,000 Iranians and 60,000 Nepalese. Following is the number of valid residency holders with their various categories of visas:

■ Article 18 of private sector (1,350,000)

■ Article 17 of government sector (108,000)

■ Article 20 of domestic sector and the like (665,000) Meanwhile, a statistic released by the General Department of Information Systems at Ministry of Interior revealed that the renewal of Article 20 residences for domestic workers had been on a steady increase for ten years after which it started dropping in 2011 and reached its lowest number this year, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The statistic indicates that a total of 2,628,080 residence visas were renewed from 2011 until now. The breakdown shows that 218,368 visas were renewed in 2006, 245,731 in 2007 and 254,057 in 2008. It rose to 254,065 in 2009, 267,355 in 2010 and 280,873 in 2011. It started dropping in 2012 to 249,387, then 250,152 in 2013, 252,321 in 2014, 256,885 in 2015, and the least is 98,786 this year.

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