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Sunday , November 27 2022

242,000 Kuwaitis and expats to travel in 10-days break

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: According to official data received by the daily, more than 242,000 citizens and residents will travel through Kuwait International Airport during the ten-day national holidays. The list of destinations preferred by travelers includes Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai and Jeddah, reports Al-Anba daily. The period from February 24 to March 5 will witness a travel movement by more than 242,000 citizens and residents through Kuwait International Airport.

More than 55 percent of them, which is about 133,541 citizens and residents, will depart Kuwait from the airport, and about 44 percent of the passengers, which is about 108,494 citizens and residents, will arrive in Kuwait. The number of people leaving Kuwait during the national holidays exceeds those coming to the country by 23 percent, which is a difference of 25,047 passengers. During the 10-day holiday, Kuwait International Airport will witness about 2,280 flights, with an average of 228 flights per day. The flights during the holidays include about 1,141 inbound and outbound flights, with an average of 114 inbound and outbound flights per day.

The average number of passengers on board each flight is 106, considering that 242,000 passengers will be traveling on 2,280 flights during the holidays. The average number of passengers on each flight leaving Kuwait during the holidays is about 117, as compared to 59 passengers on each flight coming to Kuwait from February 24 to March 5. Prior to the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision from Sunday, February 20 to resume travel movement for all and allow citizens, residents and nonvaccinated visitors to enter the country, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) completed all the necessary preparations, reports Al-Qabas daily. Initially, DGCA had issued a circular on Thursday to limit entry for the unvaccinated and those who did not receive the required doses to Kuwaitis only. However, it later amended its circular and allowed all residents and visitors to enter the country, just like the citizens, after nearly two years of ban.

Also, the authorities operating Kuwait International Airport have taken the necessary preparations to facilitate the incoming and outgoing movement, coinciding with the date for allowing travel for all and easing restrictions.

According to an official source at the airport, the movement of commercial flights will witness a noticeable increase next month, in line with the gradual openness in the movement of travel. The increase in movement depends on the requests of operating airlines, especially since these decisions will have good repercussions on the air transport market and mobilization of travel and aviation sectors. The operating agencies from DGCA, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, General Customs Administration, and ground services companies are fully prepared to receive arrivals and facilitate departure procedures based on a logistical plan that was prepared to manage the movement of passengers from the moment they get off the planes until they leave the airport gates, in accordance with health requirements. The source stressed the keenness of the operating agencies during the past few days to check the necessary devices, equipment and operating systems, adding that field teams were allocated to work round the clock to follow up on the conduct of fl ights.

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