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2018-PBAK Invitational Bowling Cup rolls off

Cozmo, X-Pin Dbowls, Haribon Slazers leaders on opening day

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: After a week respite in team competition, the pin busters of the Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait were back in action as the PBAK-2018 Invitational Bowling Cup rolled off Friday at the COZMO Entertainment Bowling Center Khaifan Branch. Ten teams participated in the tournament composed of different nationalities in each line up. In its inaugural showdown the five teams that posted victories were the top rated teams in the last tournament: Cozmo Team, X-Pin Dbowls, Haribon Slazers, Pongky Strikers and Swooping Eagles. A commemorative PBAK cap had been given away to all members plus a 25 percent discount on all McDonald’s meals.

This Cup is in preparation to the forthcoming 21st GCC-All Filipino Bowling Tour to be held at Abu Dhabi to be hosted by Pinoy Bowlers of Oman sometime this November 2018. Bowlers to represents PBAK will be chosen through selection process to compete against Filipino bowlers from Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. GCC-AFBT is an annual event for the GCC All Filipino Accredited Bowling Clubs residing and working in the Gulf region whose objective is to foster closer relationship and camaraderie which are the focal point in achieving unity and solidarity not only for the bowlers, also the inclusion of their families, friends and Overseas Filipino Workers in general. The tournament was launched in the morning with a short program. Starting with the parade of the competing teams and playing the national anthems of Kuwait and Philippines. Invocations were led by Lito Michael and Ahmad Fahmi, followed by the welcome remarks of President Rudy de Lima thanking the members and team captains of different participating teams, tournament directors and officers. The recitation of the Oath of Sportsmanship by Imelda Calingasan and finally the declaration of Tour open by the tournament director Chris Carungay.

The ten participating teams with their members were: COZMO- Noe Mahayag (team captain), Ronnel Valencia, Lito Michael, Ibrahim Al Dubayan, Ely Ebrada, Ruben Cervantes, Bader Malalah, Myrah Manalo, Aris de Guzman and Jackie Guitang; Haribon Slazers — Mar Evangelista (team captain), Camilo Baker III, Eddie Pena, Joel Tizon, Moises Amahan, and Rene Marzan; Pin Pals — Aguello Fernandes (team captain), Albert Mendez, Jhona Alabano, Allan Fernandes, Diedo Camilo, Raj Reddy and Neeta Fernandes; SKARZ — Melwin Isaac (team captain), Fatima Fernandes, Ignastius Fernandes, Kathy Fernandes, Leonel Mendes, Stephen Sequiera and Eden Danan.

“X” Strikers — Chris Carungay (team captain), Rocky Castil, Joe Presenta, Reygan Percy, Imelda Daguio, Bima Nitikusumo, Chat Sarne and Abel Nitikusmo. Pongky Strikers — Adolfo Prena (team Captain), Gener Calingasan, Amado Patingo, Imelda Calingasan, Jocelyn Barros, John Narvasa, Xela del Tambaque and Pina Dumayas; X-Pin Dbowls — Rudy de Lima (Team Captain), Saleh Khaled, Mohammad Salem, Mohammad Abdullah, Mohammad Karam, Fadi Masri, Feras Al Muhareb, Alma Turley; NUSANTARA — Ahmad Fahmi Husein (team captain), Gantosori Tanjung, Benyamin Hasan, Nasser Al Hajras, Mohammad Othman and Nuki M., and Swooping Eagles — Alonzo Bush (team captain), Riz Roque, Jessica Balagat, Darrell Sullivan, Mona Corpuz, Clinton Cathers, Angie Bush and May Sullivan.

Competing teams will be playing with handicapping system and after the elimination round, the top six teams will be playing for a two-week round robin. The tourney also features the doubles and trios event for the ladies and men’s categories. Special awards will be presented to teams and bowlers with high averages and high scores.

By Rocky DG Delos Reyes

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