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Wednesday , October 20 2021

2,000 bottles of fake perfume seized in Farwaniya warehouse

In accordance with international law related to fake goods under provision of law no 10/79 related to supervising goods and services, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce raided a company who was manufacturing international brands of perfumes in Farwaniya. 

The ministry said in a press statement that its inspection teams conducted inspection tours of shops and commercial markets and seized a warehouse in the Farwaniya area containing bottles that were filled with imitation aromatic materials and sold as original reports Al Anba. The counterfeit goods contain international registered trademarks in addition to other local and regional brands. 2000 perfume bottles of all brands were seized, which were filled and sold to the consumer through directly.

They were referred to the competent authorities to complete their legal procedures and to take the necessary measures against them.  

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