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Wednesday , January 29 2020

20 most dangerous places to live in the world

Kuwait ranks 19th due to unfriendly people and discrimination towards some nationalities

As per Expat Insider 2019 survey which was conducted with 20,259 expats representing 182 nationalities living in 187 countries/territories.

The survey covered topics such as quality of life, cost of living, personal finance and more.

In Safety and Security respondents rated 3 factors including peacefulness, personal safety and political stability.

Below are the list of most dangerous places to live in for the year 2019

  1. Brazil : “Underlying feeling of people always living in fear. The high level of inequality and brutality in society is disturbing and makes me feel uncomfortable. Political chaos has caused lots of confusion and discomfort in my workplace. ”
  2. South Africa : “Uncertain political situation, racism, corruption and high crime rate, as well as the weakness of the rand “
  3. Nigeria: ” Feeling of uncertainty. Almost anything can and might happen to me, anytime, anywhere.”
  4. Argentina:  “You can’t plan financially because the economy fluctuates too often. You’re far from everywhere. Safety is a major concern.”
  5. India: “Hardline politics…the social tensions and the very bad pollution.” “Constantly feel like an outsider. People stare, take photo, talk horribly, try to cheat, etc. People assume that tourist are rich. Face severe sexual harassment from local men, need to carry pepper spray everywhere.”
  6. Peru: “Not easy to make friends among the local residents—they also have an aggressive attitude on the streets.”
  7. Kenya: “Foreigners are often taken advantage of through stealing, scamming, and police stopping you just to take money from you. The roads are awful, traffic is just terrible, and the city is dirty.”
  8. Ukraine : “Corruption, a total lack of loyalty or honesty, and foreigners being considered ‘walking wallets.’”
  9. Turkey : “Constant politics and propaganda that is dividing the society. People are frightened to speak or pass an opinion.”
  10. Colombia: “The corruption. The system is unfair to both natives and expats, and local companies are not so open to foreigners.”
  11. Mexico: “The increasing criminality of the cartels as well as the corruption which steals money from the people.”
  12. United Kingdom: “Concerns about racism, overpopulated areas, crime increasing, accommodation prices, and a lack of support about reintegration and residency help.”
  13. Egypt :“The government, poor infrastructure, horrendous traffic, poor condition of roads, poor condition of buildings, and overcrowding.”
  14. Philippines: “Too many laws restricting foreigners and it is almost impossible to own land. There is also corruption and many irresponsible drivers.”
  15. Italy: “Bureaucracy and close-mindedness of the people.”
  16. United States: “Racism, xenophobia and guns also widespread conservative viewpoints, seeing ‘socialism’ as an inherent evil, lack of gun control, lack of affordable healthcare and education, overly religious views.”
  17. Indonesia: “Politics, religious extremism, corruption, difficulty in accessing healthcare and transportation, and unfairness in the laws.”
  18. Greece: “Bad economic situation, bad education, and poor career opportunities.”
  19. Kuwait: “Unfriendly people and discrimination towards some nationalities. The country is also not very environmentally friendly.”
  20. Thailand: “Undeveloped infrastructure, dirt, garbage, noise, messy streets, chaos—there’s almost no peace at all.”

Source Forbes

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