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1st smart hospital in Kuwait to be opened in few months

Hospital to cover all services

Dr Jamal Al-Duaij

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: The first smart hospital in Kuwait will be opened within a few months, reports Al-Anba daily. Director of the Infectious Diseases Hospital Dr Jamal Al-Duaij revealed about the endeavor and a plan to equip the new building of Infectious Diseases Hospital in order for it to become the first smart hospital of its kind in Kuwait. In a press statement, he said, “We hope the ministry will help us in this regard, so that the hospital will be the first of its kind and completely free of paperwork, which is in line with the ministry’s plan of action.”

Dr Al-Duaij explained that the hospital building contains 224 rooms that have been designed in accordance with the latest international systems for combating infection, especially since people suffering from infectious diseases need to be isolated. Even though the building is equipped with 224 beds, it has the capacity to accommodate double this number. In case of emergency in the future, one room can accommodates two beds, such that the number of beds will be doubled to nearly 500.

He affirmed that the capacity will be sufficient to cover Kuwait in full, insisting that the hospital is equipped with all the services that were insufficient in the old hospital which was equipped with 150 beds. Dr Al-Duaij indicated that the opening of the hospital will be in a few months, and will be used by the current number of medical teams, the nursing staff and the current staff members without any increase. He said there will be a need to increase the workforce in the future but it is not urgent at the moment. In the event of any emergency, doctors and medical staff from other hospitals will provide support until the emergency situation is handled after which they will return to their usual work places.

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