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1st Kuwait Special Olympics draws 67 competitors

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: Kuwait Special Olympics, the first local championship for athletes with mental disabilities, concluded on Thursday with the participation of 14 bodies from schools, clubs and institutions concerned. In a statement to (KUNA), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Special Olympics Hana Al-Zawawi confirmed that all the 67 competitors have remarkable sports advantages and skills that enable them to participate abroad thanks to their fitness and athletic ability. Al-Zawawi explained that the competitions will enable the finalists to participate in the 16th session of the World Games of the Special Olympics, which will be held in Berlin next June.

A photo from the running competition.

In a similar statement, Secretary of the (Ambition) Sports Club, Saddiqa Al-Ansari told (KUNA) on the sidelines of the tournament, that it aims to enhance the role of people with mental disabilities in society and develop their sporting capabilities, and health status by participating in social activities. Al-Ansari explained that the results showed a remarkable development in the skills of the participants, which would, enables them to participate abroad according to a program and evaluation Special Olympics.

“Championships enable those in charge to monitor the sports skills and capabilities of people with mental disabilities and discuss ways to support and sponsor them in local and foreign participation, calling on all parents to support and encourage their children from this important and infl uential group in society”, she added. Players Hussein Karam from the first group, Youssef Al-Jowder from the second, and Abdulaziz Nasrallah from the third group won the 50-meter running competition, while Nour Al-Ibrahim from the first group and Ayat Al-Tulahi from the second won the girls’ competitions in the same category.

In the 100-meter youth running competition, Ziyad Al-Maatouq from the first group, Nasser Al-Hashemi from the second, and Muhammad Al-Hinawi from the third group won the first place, in addition to the winning of Maryam Al-Hindi in the 100-meter competition for the girls’ category. As for the shot put competition, Mojab Al-Mojab, Othman Yaqoub, and Ali Dashti and Ali Al-Shirazi, won the first place, and in the gilr’s category, Zahraa Sarkhou from the first group and Aisha Mahdi from the second gained the winning. (KUNA)

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