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Wednesday , January 29 2020

‘1,840 Kuwaitis, 438 expats undergoing treatment for drug addiction last year’

KUWAIT CITY, March 23: A total of 1,840 Kuwaitis were being treated at the concerned facility for drug addiction in 2018, and other 438 non- Kuwaitis, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable health sources.

The same sources said the facility has witnessed an increasing number of people being brought in for treatment from addiction, while simultaneously there has been a decline in the age of addict, while the good news is the rate of recovery is also high.

The sources added, “The age of addicts ranges between 19 and 23 years,” and stressed on the importance of the parents playing a vital role in helping their sons. The sources also stressed on the “importance of concerted awareness efforts to reduce the risk of addiction and its consequences.” The sources pointed out, a person is brought the facility for treatment who submits himself/herself voluntarily, or they are brought in by parents or upon a court verdict.

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