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Wednesday , April 14 2021

‘14 prostate cancer cases’ per 100,000 Kuwaitis

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: Proportion of prostate cancer among Kuwaiti men stands at 14 per 100,000 citizens, said the Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN). The percentage among non- Kuwaitis in the country is averaged at 52 among 100,000 expatriates, said CAN Chairman Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh in a statement on Monday as part of a campaign against the disease. More than two cases are registered per week, added Dr. Al-Saleh.

The prostate cancer is largely linked to old age. Men aged above 50 are advised to undergo the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test once per year. Dr. Al-Saleh has explained that the disease can be hereditary and some studies suggest that high intakes of sodium may also result in developing the disease. He advised men of the potentials to develop the disease to get the PSA testing which is provided by the Ministry of Health at the country’s medical centers and clinics.

The disease makes urination difficult, stimulates recurrent feeling of urination or result in emitting blood. The doctors also advise to keep body weight within reason, abstain from smoking and exercise regularly. (KUNA)

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