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Wednesday , December 7 2022

11,000 certificates of Engineers rejected – Asian engineers mostly affected

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: Head of the Federation of Arab Engineers and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Society of Engineers Faisal Al-Atel affirmed that the society rejected about 11,000 unaccredited certificates since the start of the application of professional tests for expatriate engineers in March 2018, revealing that, “The vast majority of the holders of these certificates are Asian nationals.”

In a statement issued on the sidelines of the society’s volunteer reception, Al-Atel said, “There are several reasons for refusing the accreditation of these certificates, including the holders’ failure in obtaining the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, the failure of their universities to be part of the accreditation lists even with their countries, as well as the presence of several certificates that do not deserve the title “engineer”. Some of them did not pass the professional aptitude test”. He added that this number constitutes a quarter of the expatriate engineers working in the Kuwait market who passed the tests and have accredited certificates, warning that there are “engineers” in the labor market who do not have a Bachelor’s degree

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