11 players with VIVA to Man U to join Soccer Academy

VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced that top 11 qualifying players headed to Manchester, England, to practice at VIVA Manchester United Academy, from July 15 until July 23, 2017.

Players were selected from over 300 participants who joined the VIVA MU Soccer Academy’s tryouts, held in last April, and will get the opportunity to travel to Manchester, to join a training camp and get educated and trained by famous soccer team coaches. A team from VIVA in addition to professionals and coaches will accompany the players to take care of them and ensure their safety.

Commenting on this occasion, Abdulrazzaq Bader Al-Essa, Corporate Communications Director at VIVA said: “We are looking forward to an exciting trip with this group of young players, as they have shown great potential and are keen to learn more.” He added: “ VIVA MU Soccer Academy is one of the initiatives that VIVA aims to support the youth through it, enhance their skills and grant them the opportunity to learn and communicate with international and professional coaches to earn the needed experience that lead them to fulfill their dreams.”

A judging committee from Manchester United Soccer School chose the top 11 players. Each of them were judged based on their soccer capability and talent, physical fitness, discipline, their communication skills amongst each other as players and their general conduct on and off the field. The training program focused on different technical areas, such as dribbling, short passing, turning and finishing. The programs were also designed to develop young players in other fields, such as tactical understanding, and mental, physical and social growth.

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