Thursday , February 21 2019

10 yrs back driving license issued on designation of “driver” will it change now with new rule?

My driving license was issued on Oct 10, 2012 for 10 years with designation ‘driver’. But now my designation in my new company is being changed to ‘reporter’. Please advise whether after my designation change my driving license will get cancelled or not?

Name withheld

Answer: ‘Driver’ is one of four designations affected by the decision on change of designation. The others are student, housewife and mandoub (company representative). With these designations you will lose your license if you change the designation on the work permit. However when the rule was made it did not have retrospective effect and hence those who had their licenses on April 1, 2013 or earlier are not affected by the decision. Your license will therefore be renewed as you obtained it on Oct 10, 2012.

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