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Monday , December 6 2021

‘I miss the ‘diwaniyas’, cannot practice hobbies in lockdown’

Envoys appreciate steps taken

KUWAIT CITY, May 14: In light of the exceptional conditions that all countries in the world are witnessing as a result of the spread of COVID-19 which forced three quarters of the earth’s population to stay in their homes, the daily sought the opinions of ambassadors of many countries accredited in Kuwait regarding the measures taken by the state to limit the spread of this virus.

In a series of remote meetings held with ambassadors from all parts of the world, they revealed their ways of coping with this exceptional situation in light of the curfew imposed by the government of Kuwait on its citizens and residents.

They disclosed about the way they communicate with members of their respective communities in Kuwait. They shared with the public some aspects of their private lives and how their diaries differed during the “corona time”, especially during the curfew hours.

They talked about their hobbies and activities, including the dishes they prepare in their homes especially after the Cabinet decided to close restaurants and malls. Customs, hobbies and activities differ from one ambassador to another, but all of them appreciated the measures taken by Kuwait to curb the spread of the epidemic. One among them was the Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Kohut who expressed appreciation for the measures taken by Kuwait in face of “corona”, considering them as effective and positive to get out of this crisis.

He said, “My only observation is related to some individuals who do not follow orders and violate the instructions given in this crisis.” Regarding if his work system has changed and if the remote work system start with a minimum number of employees, Ambassador Kohut explained, “We decided at the embassy to adhere to the instructions and advice of the Kuwaiti authorities. We work in the embassy daily, but for lesser hours than before. I work from my home but I come to the embassy from time to time because I have two of the most important employees who permanently reside in the embassy. Our primary mission is to help our citizens who live in Kuwait. We take the highest protection measures. To avoid catching the infection, everyone who comes to the embassy is obligated to follow the health authorities’ instructions of wearing a mask.”

When asked about what he does during the curfew period, the ambassador said, “I stay at home with my wife and respect the general laws. We read some books, watch TV, and listen to international and local news to know the latest developments.”

Regarding his hobbies and activities during this period, the ambassador said, “My favorite hobby is swimming and walking, but I cannot practice them under these circumstances because everything is closed. Therefore, I spend time with my wife, and we take care of the garden in our house and practice some light sports.”

When asked if he has adapted to social distancing, he answered, “I miss our social life, our cultural activities, celebrations as well as official and national occasions. I hope we will return as soon as possible to that life. I particularly miss times spent in diwaniyas, which is a unique social activity in Kuwait.”

As for his viewpoint concerning the closure of restaurants, he said he was not affected by this development at all “because I am not one of those who like to eat a lot in restaurants. My wife and domestic staff in our house prepare what we eat every day. The dishes vary between Kuwaiti and international dishes, in addition to the dishes we normally eat in Serbia.”

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