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Drones, army out in crackdown

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Major GTD raid near Subbiya, Jaber Bridge

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The campaigns carried out by the Traffic and Operations Sector of the Ministry of Interior, headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Sector Affairs, Major-General Jamal Al-Sanea, from July 31 until Aug 7, resulted in the issuance of 28,930 violations, arrest of 29 juveniles who were caught driving without license, 38 reckless motorists were referred to the concerned authorities and impounded 148 vehicles and motorcycles, in addition to 12 vehicles wanted by law for various reasons and also arrested four people who had been sentenced to a prison term by a court verdict and three people for possessing drugs, reports Al-Anba daily.

The security sources said the General Traffic Department carried out an extensive campaign on the Jaber Bridge and the suburb of Subbiya with the participation of 32 military and 18 GTD patrols including personnel from the traffic investigations department using drones. On the role of each of the traffic department, a security source said the Operations Department issued 6,417 citations, impounded 99 vehicles, two motorcycles and arrested 12 violators, seized 5 vehicles wanted by law, 8 juveniles were taken into custody and one drug addict was arrested. The traffic police from the Capital governorate issued 5,446 tickets, impounded 6 vehicles and arrested six violators and seized a vehicle wanted by law.

The Hawally Traffic Department and its affiliates issued 5,854 citations and arrested two people for driving without a license and two drug addicts. The Farwaniya traffic police issued 3,430 citations and impounded two vehicles while the Ahmadi traffic police issued 3,395 citations and impounded two vehicles, the Jahra traffic police issued 2,690 citations, impounded 33 vehicles and referred 15 violators of the traffic laws to the traffic court, and seized 15 juveniles for driving without driving licenses. The Mubarak Al-Kabeer traffic police issued 756 citations, seized 4 juveniles for driving without license, and referred two vehicles to the detention garage.

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