Cracking Down on Deceptive Practices: Ministry Seizes Altered Food Items

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken a significant step to combat commercial fraud and safeguard consumer health and safety. In a recent operation, the ministry seized one of the central markets located in the Shuwaikh Industrial Zone, where fraudulent practices involved altering the validity dates and the country of origin for food products.

A variety of food items, totaling approximately 377 kilograms, were confiscated. These products were offered for sale under false pretenses, posing a grave threat to consumers. The seizure occurred following a meticulous monitoring and verification process conducted by the Commercial Control Emergency Team. As part of this operation, a comprehensive seizure report was compiled, and legal procedures are currently underway.

This decisive action by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry underscores its commitment to ensuring the integrity of food products in the market and protecting consumers from deceptive practices.

This news has been read 3437 times!

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