‘Avoid falling victim to information hacking’

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Campaign about safe use of Internet

KUWAIT CITY, May 3: Director General of the Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior Major General Tawheed Al-Kandari warned people against dealing with any suspicious and unsafe messages or links sent by strangers via social media in order to avoid falling victim to information hacking, reports Aljarida daily. On the sidelines of the launch of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) campaign titled “Together for a Safer Cyberspace for Our Children” at the Avenues Mall with cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Al-Kandari told KUNA that the campaign aims to educate parents about the dangers of cyberspace, on how to safely use the Internet and applications to prevent cybercrime, and the correct behavior to adopt when their children are subjected to cyberbullying or cybercrime. He indicated that cybercriminals promote harmful games, applications and websites through which the victim can be accessed by these criminals by infiltrating computers and stealing personal information.

Major General Al-Kandari stressed the need to download original antivirus software so as not to get hacked of personal information, cover the computer camera when playing the game, and adhere to the legal age allowed to open accounts on social networking sites and electronic games. Regarding phishing, he stated that the process is done by deceiving children and adolescents who use email messages into clicking on links, attachments, or text messages, and others. Major General Al-Kandari appealed to everyone to protect children from blackmail via the Internet using pictures or personal information in exchange for money or performing immoral acts.

The activities of the campaign, which was implemented by the Ministry of Interior with the cooperation of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), were launched this weekend. The campaign was aimed to educate parents about the dangers of cyberspace (the Internet), ways to safely use the network and its applications, to prevent cyber crimes, and to act correctly when their children are subjected to cyberbullying or any other means of cybercrime. Meanwhile, Director of Public Relations at KOC Muhammad Al-Basri explained that the objectives of the event included spreading community awareness among the children and parents about the dangers of cyberspace, how to safely use the network, and prevent any intrusions targeting children. The solution to the phenomenon of intrusions targeting children and the elderly is to conduct more awareness campaigns that would explain these risks and ways to avoid them.

He said, “KOC adopts everything that serves society. With the cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, an awareness campaign titled “Safe Cyberspace” has been launched. It explains the dangers of cyberspace, through the team’s presence in major markets, distribution of brochures, and meetings between specialists, citizens and residents. In addition, Major Sarah Jamil from the Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior stressed that “Safe Cyberspace” is a joint awareness campaign between the ministry and KOC. She explained that it aims to raise the level of awareness among Internet users and spread messages to parents and children about the need to know the dangers of the Internet and the criminal acts through the Internet. The focus during the campaign is on parents to monitor their children and know what they are doing while using the network and the sites they use, and to protect them from any dangers in the cyber world.

This news has been read 10131 times!

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