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Sunday , October 24 2021

‘Grace’ at end despite airport closures

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, will not grant new grace period for expatriates to leave the country or correct their status – expatriates who entered Kuwait on visas (visit and commercial) before the outbreak of the Covid- 19 pandemic and were unable to leave due to certain conditions imposed by the pandemic, reports Al- Anba daily quoting reliable sources.

The sources said these people have refused to leave for more than a year, despite the issuance of several deadlines and grace periods and the opening of the airport for those wishing to travel over the past months. The source told the daily the second article of the ministerial decision which was issued last June will be applied which states that violators who did not apply to amend the status or opted to leave the country during the mentioned period will be subjected to prescribed penalties.

Legally, the violator will not be granted a residence permit, will be deported from the country and not allowed to return. This is in addition to obliging the violators to pay the fines for the period they have been illegally staying in the country one dinar for each day of stay from the last day given for the violators to amend their status. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al- Saleh and the current minister, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali – based on recommendations by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant-General Essam Al-Nahham – had issued humanitarian decisions consistent with the disruption of air traffic and the suspension of businesses.

The source reiterated the commitment of the residence affairs sector to implement the instructions of Minister Al-Ali and Undersecretary of the Ministry to apply the law on all violators, especially since ample time was given to the violators to benefit from the last deadline. The source said there is a possibility of taking measures against sponsors who did not hurry to ensure that those under their sponsorship did not leave the country. The source added there is no justification for violators to leave the country because hundreds of outbound fl ights have left the Kuwait International Airport to various destinations of the world even during partial and total ban periods.

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