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Wednesday , September 29 2021

Experts warn of takfir, DAESH ideology in electronic games – Children and youth main target

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: Several experts and legal specialists have warned of the dangers of widespread electronic games on smart devices and computers that carry takfir and DAESH ideology.

They noted such games target children and the youth, inciting them to kill and treat parents with violence.

Al-Seyassah report indicated the Gulf region in general and Kuwait in particular became target of poisonous ideas distorting the true teachings of religion with the purpose of recruiting the youth to commit crimes of terror.

It stressed the need to increase awareness against the phenomenon, while the country provides electronic games carrying positive ideas and values. For her part, Lawyer Athraa Al-Rifae said Kuwaiti youths are targeted by illegal organizations that are bent on destroying the society through nurturing negative thoughts that contradict values and religion.

She noted children 10- 16 years old will admit severe impact electronic game has on them if we visit the mosques to conduct survey in that regard. She also said some individuals go online to propagate negative thoughts, expressing hatred for other schools of thoughts, so as to incite violence.

She added some GCC countries are strict on monitoring the internet and video games, and they have since been classified as the first countries to ban games contradicting values and promoting negative thoughts and terrorist ideas.

She commended the Electronic Monitoring Department in the Ministry of Interior for its efforts, although it’s still new and registers most cases as ‘unknown’. She maintained there is no difference between Kuwaiti laws and GCC laws as the last Cyber Crime Law derived its text from GCC laws.

She further stated the importance of intensifying efforts to observe and monitor the internet and electronic games where children talk to imaginary characters and receive response in strange ways through sermons or thoughts influencing them on certain topics. We have youths that make money through electronic games and the monies are deposited into their bank accounts as prizes, while the state is doing less to monitor their activities, she said.

Political analyst Ali Al- Fadhalah also said electronic game is a requirement for any kid who learns through violent games. He noted terrorist organizations do not target Kuwait itself, as they are inside and outside Kuwait. He called for the development of thoughts and awareness programs that accept the policy of modernity.

Professor at the College of Business Administration in Kuwait University Dr Turki Al-Shimmari denied that terrorist ideas are implanted deliberately among children in Kuwait. He pointed to the existence of external intellectual invasion of our country through games, but it’s not intentional.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will form a permanent committee to supervise and evaluate the performance of its employees, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting sources. Sources explained this is part of the authority’s ongoing efforts to implement an effective mechanism to encourage employees to excel in their work.

Sources said the keenness of Social Affairs and Labor Minister Hind Al- Subaih to eliminate corruption and violations related to bogus companies and trafficking in persons has prompted the PAM officials to work hard towards finding solutions to the problems and to address flaws in the electronic system. On the other hand, sources disclosed the authority recently honored seven out of 2,000 employees; hence, the growing resentment and complaints in most departments.

By Heba Al Taweel Al-Seyassah Staff

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