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PAM statistics on noon work ban in open areas

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: The Public Authority for Manpower said on Wednesday that the results of its inspection campaigns regarding the decision to ban afternoon work in open places resulted in the detection of 2,773 violating sites and 1,988 workers present in the violating sites.

The Director-General of the authority, Ahmad Al-Mousa, said in a press statement that the midday work team carried out its inspection tours of sites in all governorates of the country to ensure that project owners adhere to Administrative Resolution No. 535 of 2015 regarding the ban on work from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in open workplaces from the beginning of June until the end August. He added that the number of reports received by the department was 120, and the number of violating sites for the first time reached 1,168, indicating that the sites that fulfilled the conditions during the re-inspection were 1,166 sites, while the number of violating sites that were re-inspected were two. He explained that the inspection teams, during their tour, register the violator for the first time with a warning to avoid it and re-inspect the site.(KUNA)

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