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Thursday , October 28 2021

Municipality may increase fees from KD 1 to KD 2 for each meter

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 1: Kuwait Municipality has been considering imposing fees for the services it provides in the field of waste management and disposal, the most prominent of which is increasing the cleaning fees imposed on the residential sector from KD 1 collected for each electric meter per month to KD 2, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A report in this regard is being prepared and will be submitted to the Municipal Council for approval.

As per the report, increasing the fees will have a great impact on developing municipal work towards achieving sustainable development, protecting the environmental and public health system for individuals, and preserving the natural resources.

The municipality indicated that the areas for imposing fees will include all private sector trucks transporting waste, residues and rubble coming to the municipality’s waste and debris dump sites. This is in addition to raising the cleaning fees imposed on the residential sector without imposing any fees on cleaning companies contracting with the municipality, as well as imposing fees for destruction operations at the municipal backfill sites.

Regarding imposing fees on all trucks of the private sector that transport waste, garbage and debris to the landfills of the municipality, the municipality said it is currently receiving all trucks transporting waste belonging to private and commercial sector companies at the landfills without charging any financial compensation for them for the service that the municipality provides to the private sector for disposing of its waste. The municipality bears the costs of disposing of this waste through waste and debris backfilling contracts, as well as the costs of the employees who supervise these sites.

The municipality, through a study conducted on the development of a contract for landfill works and rubble at landfill sites of the municipality, proposed imposing fees on all trucks transporting waste and rubble belonging only to private sector companies, commercial establishments, factories and private institutions that are received at the affiliated sites of landfill and rubble.

It should decide on a fee for each truck that carries waste to the municipal waste and rubble landfill sites according to its load. The categories will be classified according to the decision of the Municipal Council that is currently applied in the construction waste treatment project. 

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